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Some Client News

mark rawls


$25 Million.

"Thanks for all the support in PENETRATING A NEW MARKET and getting me to $25 Million!  

Your Target Market research resulted in an unique positive touch, contextual and relevant strategy that really did it!"

★★★★★ Mark Rawls



Pro Bono Work.

A charity was at a phase of development where it needed to improve its ability to communicate with the public.

A strategy was developed to reach their target audience which included ability for donors to pay online at the point of experience. Over a two year period, MarketingBunny provided $16,172 in marketing services at no charge.




"Rick assessed my need and delivered a cohesive brand to enable clearer communication of WHO I am, WHY I do WHAT I do and also provide a tool for my referral partners.

Rick's professionalism surpassed most big corporate entities. Thanks Rick!"
★★★★★ David Murry

PROCESS Snapshot



Socrates said "Know Thyself".  What you can't see, is seen by others. So, we start here. WHO are you? WHY do you want to do this, your motivations and boundaries? WHERE are you willing to go and not go? And WHAT are the principles and values of which you are willing to die?

This assessment helps to create guardrails that determine the width of the new bridge built to reach the target market.



When this is unknown or unclear, you can waste precious marketing dollars and look icky to your community if you fail.  We can change that with a 5 ICS assessment.

Always start a Journey by clearly Knowing where you are going.  (Its more important than How to get there.)



We look at Who is out there in your target market vying for the same audience.  Where are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are the opportunities and threats?



As your Target Market Segments travel to you, what do they touch along the way to decide to continue to travel to and buy from you? Don't know? We do...


PAIN Points

Every journey starts with an unmet need and the better those sub-surface aches are revealed, the better we know how to touch them on their journey to keep moving forward to an appropriate solution.


STRATEGY Development

Like a Master Chef, the recipe of HOW to make a delicious Customer eXperience is needed to move the Target Market along the way to you so they Return for more and Share you with others - even along the way. This is the Recipe, Map, Funnel, Plan or Path for a particular Campaign with the goal of maximizing ROI.


TACTICS Selection

Tactics are the WHAT, the specific Ingredients in the recipe, the tools and technniques, the right digital, print and human means, selected from literally thousands of options, that are combined to make a delicious experience for your Target Market that Acquires and Connects them to You.

(SPOILER ALERT! Novice Business Owners often start here and wonder why they fail in 18 months on average!)

"Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat."
  – Sun Tzu 



Mix, Bake, Test, Tweak and Serve.